Latest China Mobile Phones - BŘEZEN 2010

24. března 2010 v 16:42 | Jan Cicálek |  Čínské MT

Latest China Mobile Phones - BŘEZEN 2010

We are glad to announce that first 2.4 inch screen mini iphone alike phone with WiFi, TV, dual SIM is available now.

Please click above image or here to see details.

Other cheap WiFi + TV + dual SIM phones ( price under US$100):

Please click above images to see details of the phones.

The first phone with 5.0 megapixels camera available now. The model number is N82-G. Please click the following link to have a look:

We are glad to introduce our latest, best sell and recommended China mobile phones of Mar 2010 as following:

Latest China mobile phones See more...

Recommended China mobile phones See more...

Best Sellers of lastest two months See more...

Please visit our Web site to see more models and details. If you find any of them be of your interest, please let us know.

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